Frequently Asked Questions

First off, Atlantys Industries would like to thank everyone for sending us emails and asking questions. Without your emails, we never would have thought to create this page. We will continue to update this page with new questions we get, so please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. Thanks!

How long will it take before i see results?

You will start seeing positive changes in your sex drive, strength of erections, and overall energy levels within only 35-45 minutes!

Taking of Eromax PLUS®

Eromax PLUS® on a regular basis will cleanse the blood and open up arteries and veins for optimal blood flow. Being constantly bathed with blood and the awesome ingredients that make up Eromax PLUS® will keep the penis healthy and fertile.

Erections will come naturally and easily with more vigor and strength. Sex will become more enjoyable for both partners and the all-natural ingredients will even improve the health of other areas of the body, including mental clarity and concentration, boosting the immune system, and staying more alert and less fatigued.

Who can take Eromax PLUS®?

Every man from 18 to 90 years. Our product helps all males who experience sexual performance difficulties, because of age, stress or other limiting factors. Young men can also benefit from the effect of this genial, sexual power product if they have difficulties to hold back.

How long does Eromax PLUS® last?

Eromax PLUS® depends on the age and the physical constitution.Eromax PLUS® can last from a minimum of 7-to 9 days.

When shall i take Eromax PLUS®?

We recommend to take 1 capsule (depending on weight) ca.1 hour before your sexual activity and minimum of 2 to 3 hours after your last meal. Taken on an empty stomach with plain water Eromax PLUS® shows the strongest effect.

Will i experience any side effects?

No. prescription is required because Eromax PLUS® is 100% natural. Without any side effects !

What are the ingredients of Eromax PLUS® pills?

Eromax PLUS® Pills is a proprietary blend of 100% natural herbs, top percent in the world were used in this formula to ensure potency.

Ingrediens : Panax Gins, fructus Hippophae rhamnoide, Vanillae fructus, Brassica juncea, gelatin, red iron oxide, ginsenosid

What if i am not satisfied with your product?

We back our program with a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied simply return the bottle before 30 days after shipment was received with an explanation of why you are unsatisfied with the product and we will refund your money minus shipping charges. Empty bottles without letter of explanation of dissatisfaction will not be refunded.

How long will it take to get my product?

US orders will take between 6 - 8 days.
International orders will take between 6 - 10 days.

We have a 97% success rate! Our product works for men of all ages, from 18 to 90, and beyond. We have had customers both younger and older who have seen satisfactory gains in both length and sex drive. Circumcision is not important, our program works for men who are both circumcised and uncircumcised

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship globally. We have satisfied customers from all parts of the world, including Germany,Sweden,Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom and over 50 other countries!

Is Eromax PLUS® free of sale?

Yes! Eromax PLUS® is a 100 % pure vegetable product which you can buy without a medical prescription.

Where i can buy Eromax PLUS®?

You can buy Eromax PLUS® only exclusively with us from the Internet.

Is the package shipped discreetly?

Yes, all orders are shipped in discreet packaging. There is no mention on the outside of the package as to what is contained inside. Furthermore, your name or any other personal information will never be given or sold to any other company. Your privacy is a very high priority for us.

I have concerns abou security - Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely! We use the safest credit card processing system on the internet (PayPal - All information about your order is encrypted, and cannot be viewed by anyone else . Ordering online using this state-of-the-art processing system is actually much safer than using your credit card in a restaurant or at the mall. Additionally , your credit card information will be deleted after the transaction is complete. That way there is no risk of your information being hacked, or you ever being re-billed without permission.

WITH Eromax PLUS®!
Before I was trying to have sex, I got an erection and then it went away really fast. I don't know what happened. This only happens to me every once in a while when I masturbate. After reading the case studies from your website, I finally realized my problems. Just want to tell you guys my appreciation. And Eromax PLUS® does help me a lot. Keep up the good work! Dr. Alvin S, (52)